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Our Water Management Team

Think Water Broome is a family-owned and operated business located in the beautiful Kimberley region of Western Australia. Our water team is professional, qualified, certified, and experienced to deliver quality service and install water solutions in a safe and timely manner and within budget.

Retail Store and Administration


Vanessa Annesley

Managing Director and Owner
Vanessa is the backbone of the business and the first point of contact for business administration. Possessing exceptional skills in Project Management and Finance, Vanessa makes sure the retail store and projects are running smoothly. Her passion is to provide positive experiences for her customers and to support the local community.

Darren Cross

Retail Sales Manager
Darren joined Think Water Broome in 2020 and has been a Kimberley local for over 20 years. He has extensive customer service experience in sales for both the retail and pastoral industries. As well as business management in fabrication and service industries. Darren manages the smooth operation of our Retail Trade store. 
Think Water Staff - Kimmy Cooper

Kimmy Cooper

Retail Sales Assistant
Kimmy has experience in pool maintenance, irrigation products and customer service. Kimmy is responsible for receiving our stock deliveries, merchandising and delivers friendly customer service in our retail and trade store. 
Think Water Staff - Ruth Annesley

Ruth Annesley 

Project Administration & Marketing Coordinator
Ruth is our social media queen and manages all our marketing needs. Ruth has worked in the Kimberley since 2006 and understands the Kimberley environment and those who live in it. Together with many years of experience in the retail, hospitality and customer service industries, Ruth brings a fresh approach to providing customers with a positive experience through the use of social media and online applications.

Service and Installation 

Think Water Staff - Patrick Annesley

Patrick Annesley 

Managing Director and Owner
Patrick has experience in agriculture farming and irrigation that spans over 35 years. He is passionate about providing quality service and economical water solutions for his customers. Patrick oversees all the service and installation field work we undertake. He has the knowledge and skills to design projects of any size and scale.
Think Water Staff - Rene Sprinkhuizen

Rene Sprinkhuizen

Project Consultant
Rene has more than 40 years’ experience in irrigation, landscape design, bore and pumping systems. As our Project Manager, he’s responsible for implementing and coordinating projects, whilst ensuring each project is completed on time and on budget. Rene also plays a huge role in our retail store by providing a wealth of product knowledge and installation advice to our customers.
Think Water Staff - Raymond Fahy

Raymond Fahy

Irrigation Technician
Raymond has worked the last 10 years in horticulture and is our field offsider to Patrick. He has experience in pivot and drip line irrigation and a thorough understanding of solar stock water systems and tank construction.
Daniel Myors Irrigation Specialist Broome

Daniel Myors

Irrigation Specialist
Daniel is a seasoned horticulture expert with over 25 years of experience, specialising in both domestic and commercial irrigation. Daniel holds qualifications in horticulture and civil construction, ensuring a professional approach to reticulation designs and installation. His extensive experience includes working with quality irrigation brands like Hunter, Toro, and Rainbird. Daniel’s expertise guarantees efficient and sustainable irrigation solutions tailored to our customers needs. 
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