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Solar Pumps and Stock Watering Solutions

Solar Pumping Solutions

Solar pumps are a highly efficient water pumping option and are specifically designed to provide you with sustainable, long-term benefits. The cost of solar pumping is continuing to fall in line with the reduction in the price of solar panels, allowing solar to be an affordable option.

Farmers and stations are making the switch from the iconic windmill to solar. Windmills are requiring more maintenance, have an increased work health and safety risk and are very costly to replace!

Think Water Broome has a number of solar options available for stock water stations, dams, community water pumping and commercial market gardens. 

Think Water Broome design turn key solar pumping kits that are sold all around Australia. Our team design, supply and install solar shed pumping systems specific to your water needs using quality Grundfos Solar Pumps and products. 

The Grundfos solar range is widely used across the country and designed to withstand our harsh Australian conditions.
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solar panel array poly water storage tank for stock water
Four panel solar array, Grundfos solar pump, and water storage tank installation - Pilbara 2020.
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GUIDE: How to correctly Select solar Pumps and Panels

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Stock Watering Solutions

If you’re looking to upgrade your existing stock water system or building a new one, speak our team at Think Water Broome. We have the technical expertise and experience in designing cost-effective and efficient stock water systems.
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