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Filtration & Water Treatment

Think Water Broome has the ability to design, supply and install water filtration for agricultural irrigation and domestic purposes. We are capable of sampling and testing water quality for stations and communities and can provide a system that will improve your quality of water.

Water Filtration

Water quality is so important for not only personal use in and around your home but also commercial applications such as food and beverage, tourism, council gardens, sports ovals and agriculture. The need for water filtration or purification will be dependent on the water source, the standards in which need to be met and the specific application.

One of the main benefits of filtering and purifying your water is that it will increase the lifespan of your water system. Contaminants and sediments within unfiltered water can easily accumulate and harden inside irrigation systems and water pumps to the detriment of their function. By filtering these out early your water system will operate more efficiently, saving you precious time and money.

Think Water Broome has a solution to suit your water filtration needs. Through design, supply and installation we have the knowledge and skills to cater for domestic applications around the home, large-scale irrigation and agricultural requirements such as drip irrigation.
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Filtaworx FW100 Water Filter Installation for the Shire of Broome 2019 
Product - Netafim 2 Spin Klin Disc Filter
Netafim 2 Spin Klin Disc Filter

Water Testing

Think Water Broome can provide water sampling and testing services to determine the quality of your water. All water sampling is conducted according to the Australian standards and sent to NATA accredited laboratories for testing and analysis. 

Testing your water can provide reports on the water suitability for drinking, domestic use, irrigation and the suitability for livestock consumption if required.  
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